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Our company is operating in the Hydro-Thermo-Sanitay-Gas Market, with an 30 years old experience in Export.

Our professionality it's placed at your service to try to satisfy all your requirements and get the service you deserve.

ZANELLA CLAUDIO sales Valves, Manifolds, Boilers, Chillers, Pipes and all the other products related with Water & Gas.

With foresight the acronym FAR was invented by the brothers Allesina, Alberto, Guerrino and Rovaletti Nicola when, in 1974, they chose a road that would take them ‘far’ away and today FAR products have crossed all boundaries and entered the most important international markets.

The company is solidly based on its strengths of quality, reliability and innovation, making FAR a major player in the plumbing, heating and sanitation sector. There are now many applications for FAR products, including traditional heating systems, radiant and geothermal, solar thermal systems, sanitation and cooling. 

The winning combination of technology and experience has allowed FAR to excel in the design and manufacture of innovative, versatile products that reflect the company’s competitive and vital spirit, as well as constantly anticipating the changing needs of the market.

FAR has kept pace with rapidly changing technologies in all areas of production, assembly and testing, using the latest generation of production machinery and automated lines alongside a highly qualified team of designers and other specialized staff. Efficient internal organization has enabled the company to maintain certification to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System standard since 1995. Currently, FAR is implementing a system of integrated management including the Certification of Safety Management System to the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard. 

In the design and creation of its products, FAR is also fully committed to sustainable development, environmental protection and energy efficiency and is certified to the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management standard.

Authoritative international agencies have tested and certified the conformity of FAR products to the highest quality standards. The company has also recently obtained the status of ‘approved exporter’, which certifies the Italian origin of its products, based on a secure and reliable network of local economic operators and a positive contribution to the socio-economic welfare of the region in which FAR operates.

All raw materials used in the production of FAR products are of certified quality, ensuring the FAR range delivers guaranteed safety and performance with minimal environmental impact and in compliance with the latest environmental legislation. FAR’s experienced technical staff are also available to provide optimal solutions for all needs.

Welcome at Eurotis


EUROTIS S.r.l. is made by a corporate team that has been acting with dynamism and competence in the plumbing and heating fields for the past twenty years.

EUROTIS S.r.l. is today a reference point in project, development, research and trade of safety innovative products for hydraulic, gas and solar applications.

Its range of products stands out in quality, good prices, ease of installation and covers a wide field of appliances both civil and industrial. The main product is represented by the hydraulic and gas connection system, based on a CSST pliable corrugated tubes made of austenitic stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L highly resistant to pressure and deformation. 

Its particular structure allows to realize any shape, with angles up to 180 °, in total absence of special tools for bending of the tube.
Innovative and highly versatile EUROTIS Srl systems are the result of careful researches and allow sensible reduction  of installation time. Thanks to its particular ring shape, the corrugated pliable stainless steel tube has a surface area which is triple compared to smooth pipes commonly on the market and a greater flow rate equal to the diameter and length. The fittings, exclusively realized, are designed to facilitate installation ensuring maximum safety seal. The values emerged from the evidence of pressure, tightness, extraction, flow and water hammer attest to its high quality.


All the products of the EUROTIS S.r.l. systems have been previously selected and submitted to several technical tests carried on by qualified laboratories and are periodically controlled both in EUROTIS S.r.l. own laboratory and external ones. The purpose of EUROTIS S.r.l. is the constant dedication in achieving and developing safety hydraulic systems.

Edilkamin has been a leading Company in the wood and pellet heating field for over 50 years, growing from a fireplaces producer into a domestic heating eco-friendly and cost-saving technological designer .

Always keen to the needs of a constantly evolving market, Edilkamin is offering technical advanced solutions with a refined design complying with modern requests.

The aim is to provide maximum safety and reliability, ensured throughout very demanding tests constantly carried out on each product.

Edilkamin is successfully exporting design and technology worldwide in more than 30 countries.

Today, are part of the Group the brands EDILKAMINITALIANA CAMINI and the new KITCHEN KAMIN brand, which includes kitchens and barbecues.